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metal construction formwork construction formwork aluminum formwork

Surface treatment Powder Coated

Material aluminum alloy

Color gray

raw material 6063

using life 150+ times, 3+ years

price method by area SQM

Thickness 5-6mm

Application concrete construction pouring

Weight 20-25kg/㎡

Standard 30-60KN/㎡

Product Description

design and produce aluminum metal construction formwork

metal construction formwork Description:

 The concrete pouring process requires certain steps to ensure the concrete will not lose form while it sets.   Metal construction formwork  is one type of material used to help the concrete hold shape until it is solid and can hold shape on its own. The term “formwork” refers to panels that can be arranged in such a way that a mold is formed; “falsework” refers to poles, connectors, and other hardware that hold the forms together.   Metal construction formwork is made from a lightweight metal that is easy to transport, set up, tear down, and clean. Other types of formwork exist as well; steel and plywood are the most commonly used types of forms. The metal construction formwork is advantageous, however, because it is durable but lightweight and easy to set up. Plywood can, however, be susceptible to water damage and may also warp; steel can be heavy, difficult to position, and difficult to store and transport.  The metal construction formwork avoids these pitfalls, though it has drawbacks of its own. Aluminum is a rigid, brittle metal that is prone to cracking when bent. Steel is more resistant to such types of damage, but tends to be more expensive than steel, however.  


To ensure structural rigidity, the Concrete Construction aluminum formwork will be constructed in pieces. Modular panels can be connected to each other to create various concrete shapes. The panels need to be secured together to prevent concrete from running between them; this is done using falsework. In some cases, the aluminum formwork and template may be used in conjunction with other types of formwork materials, most notably certain types of plywood that are resistant to water damage. Sometimes steel components are used in conjunction with the aluminum forms for added durability and stability. Jacks are usually made of steel as well, because these units will take on a significant amount of strain during use. Like other types of formwork, aluminum template formwork can be purchased or rented. It is possible to rent forms for small to medium projects; if the user will be doing concrete projects frequently, it is best to buy forms that can be reused. Aluminum template is a good choice because it will generally be less expensive than other types of formwork, is easily stored and transported, and can be easily cleaned between uses to ensure the panels can be used for future projects. The thickness of the aluminum will generally dictate which projects the forms will be most appropriate for.


Manufacturing power


We are a professional coated aluminum formwork system manufacturer with more than ten years designing & construction experience and the after sale service.

Our main metal construction formwork project markets: Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Brazil, India, and so on. We’ve won a high praise from these users.

Besides, we have many intellectual property rights and the patent technology including the Early stripping and big formwork entirely stripping.


Aluminum formwork system includes: Flying table system, panel system, retaining wall system, Climbing system, shoring prop system, column system, etc.
Moreover, our products have a wide application scope. We have the coated aluminum Panel System suitable for all kinds of concrete structure.


With years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, jinzhu has won numerous customers’ trust and support.with years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, jinzhu has won numerous customers’ trust and support.



Jinzhu has passed ISO9001: 2008 , ISO14001: 2004 , ISO10012 certificate and has been certified AA grade standardize corporate. The products obtain Certification of China Energy Efficient Products. It is the membership of China Construction Metal Structure Association. The products are sold throughout the China and exported to many countries. 


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 1. Reliable quality

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1. Advanced production and testing equipments

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4. Excellent managers and employees


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